The New Clean
NanoSeptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Clean based on technology, not toxins. NanoSeptic skins and mats turn dirty, high traffic public touch points into continuously self-cleaning surfaces.

NanoSeptic Product Showcase

  • Narrow counter mat for reception counters
  • Small Travel Mat
  • Mouse pad
  • Reusable tissue box cover
  • Skins for pull handles
  • Small travel mat in clear envelope
  • Mouse pads in school computer lab
  • Window counter mat with replaceable content
  • Skins for door push pads
  • Student Place Mat

Video Intro to Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Facility Services

Commercial Cleaning Companies, Facility Management Firms, Building Service Contractors (BSC) and In-house Environmental Service Departments... Make Clean Visible. Create a new revenue stream with products that make your service visible.

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Travel & Hospitality

When it comes to travel, consumers are paranoid about cleanliness. From hotels to airlines to restaurants, NanoSeptic mats provide cleaner surfaces to rest personal items and food. And these surfaces are portable, providing that feeling of security wherever the traveler goes and however they get there.

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When it comes to healthcare, “clean” takes on new meaning. From the front door to the check-in counter to the exam room, your patients demand and deserve to see a level of clean that only visible self-cleaning surfaces provide. For physicians and dentists, this translates into improved patient experience.

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Today’s teachers, parents and students are under enough stress when it comes to education. NanoSeptic Surfaces offer peace of mind to educators, parents, and facilities managers struggling to provide a visibly clean facility, allowing everyone to focus on education.

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