NanoSeptic. The New Clean™.

NanoTouch is the world's first and only producer of products that are NanoSeptic...the next generation of continuously self-cleaning surfaces.

lab-sealNanoSeptic surfaces are engineered with a proprietary blend of material science, nanotechnology and green chemistry to create a super-hydrophilic surface which oxidizes organic material. The result is a non-toxic, continuously self-cleaning surface which does not use toxins, heavy metals or diluted poisons.

And NanoTouch products offer more than a way to provide customers with cleaner surfaces, it's a way to visually communicate your commitment to their well-being at every contact point.

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New Products

  • nanoseptic-tissue-box-cover-generic-newSelf-cleaning and Reusable

    Our very latest product just makes too much sense...a continuously self-cleaning NanoSeptic tissue box cover. And it is the first product to feature our 5th Generation NanoSeptic surface which, based on lab tests, is 1000 times more effective than our 4th Generation.
  • myplate-snack-mat-frontInstead of using a laminated sheet, use a NanoTouch mat that is self cleaning. Kids can be the surface of their snack mat can work all night long, cleaning itselft for the next school day. And it's educational too, providing the new nutrition guideline graphic on the front and a variety of helpful healthy eating information on the back.
  • nanoseptic-travel-kitsHotels, Cruises, Resorts and other travel venues can now show their commitment to their guests well being while extending their brand outside of their facility and well after their guest leaves. Packaged in a convenient travel tube or tamper-evident pouch, this mat comes in different sizes and can be used on vanities, airline tray tables, restaurants...anywhere your guests could benefit from a self-cleaning surface. And the large travel kit tube is the perfect size to carry other items like toothbrush or eyeglasses.
  • clean-remote-on-channel-guideTalk about a surface that is never cleaned, and touched by just about every hotel guest or cruise ship passenger. The NanoTouch TV Channel Guide is self-cleaning...24/7. Like our other products, it is fully customizable and can be branded with your logo. And for those travel and hospitality venues that are using CleanRemote, does it really make sense to place the freshly cleaned remote on an unclean surface. Our channel guide also serves as a self-cleaning rest mat for the TV remote.